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The Most Versatile Event Controller for Rocketry

At this time, Defy Gravity no longer carries Control.

The exact same device will continue to be produced by the exact same people that have always made them. The only thing to change about the device itself is the name, now called Mission Control. Please contact RocketMotion for availability of new units and for support of existing units.

Control is what all other onboard electronic devices wish they could be.
Basically, Control is a barometric and accelerometric based altimeter like many others.
But what sets Control apart is its functionality.
Control has twice as many output channels as the average device, is able to power any of these - either latched or pulsed - based on several different flight events, and at a timed delay from zero to two minutes from any of these events.
Control can even base an event on its own events.
Use the events as safety features and save your project.
Control is the only device on the market that can detect touchdown.
Control is fully programmable and records your flight data in high resolution.


Visit our Control Support page for the latest information and downloads.


1.3 x 3.6 inches.
Fits 38mm airframe.
Weighs 0.8 ounces without battery.
Four output channels.
Zero to 255 sec delay from these triggers:

Launch detect (acceleration or pressure)
Ascend above alt ceiling
Burnout detect (1st, 2nd or 3rd)
Apogee detect (integrated acceleration or pressure)
Descend below altitude floor
Touchdown detect
Powering any previous channel

+/- 50G acceleration range.
44k max alt.
16Hz recording rate for 8 min.
Optional mach inhibit.
All parameters programmable.
Onboard power switch and status LED.
Optional external switching and status.
Onboard 9V or external 6 to 12V power supply.
Channels handle 20A max current (5A/10sec).
Preprogrammed and ready to fly.
Fully programmable via Windows app.
No battery needed for download.
Website support and updates.
Firmware can be user upgraded.

Parts List

Control includes:

(on-board rocket event controller)

Serial Cable
Power Supply Cable (9v clip)
Drill Template


Windows application for custom programming of Control for flight,
transfer of recorded flight data from Control, plotting and analysis of data.

Firmware Backups, Programmer Information, PDF of Technical Manual.

Mounting Hardware
Consisting of:

4 Long Mount Screws, 1" (18-8 stainless steel, #4/40)
4 Medium Mount Screws, .875" (18-8 stainless steel, #4/40)
4 Short Mount Screws, .75" (18-8 stainless steel, #4/40)
4 Large Mount Hex Nuts, .25" (18-8 stainless steel, #4/40)
4 Small Mount Hex Nuts, .1875" (18-8 stainless steel, #4/40)
4 Mount Flat Washers (18-8 stainless steel, #4)
4 Unit Safety Flat Washers (nylon 6/6, #4)
4 Mount Stand-Offs, .375" (nylon 6/6, #4)
Hex Key (1/16)